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The Graves

Hi! We are Spooky & Shipwreck!

We have been in the vrchat community for a very long time, and before vrchat we were on other social avatar platforms.. When we first joined VrChat we spent most of our time world hopping, hanging out with some dear friends, and hanging out.. sometimes partying! We fell in love with creativity of the platform, and how diverse it was.. but definitely saw a need for some more unique and differently shaped avatars. Thus started our journey of trying to learn how to create avatars! It started with buying tons of avatars and editting them how we liked them.. then the big hurdle came, trying to learn blender (and failed, for like 2 years) But then we had our kid, and we had lots of time on our hands where we had to be home and deal with a little one who needed our attention all day long.. also while longing to play VrChat, or atleast be creative.. So, we began creating avatars. Some were really ugly (never released) & then I (Spooky) got really excited when I found a Jellyfish hat, and had a whole vision idea of an avatar and everything she would be.. Thus the birth of our first avatar, Mystic! We put in tons of love and effort and energy into her, all while also taking care of our .. wow, 5 month old at the time. We released her and here started our journey of creating paid for VRC content.. It helped us be creative, and not lose our marbles while being trapped at home (baby, covid, work from home jobs) and it helped us make some amazing friends, and build a discord server full of amazing people that we love and care for so much.. All while also helping us take care of our growing family. I know this is kind of rambly.. and long, but I figure why not give you all a little bit of information about who we are as people, and why this all started to begin with!! 

On a separate note, 

We are life long artists, with a good eye for unique design and color balance. With a combined 28 years experience in digital art and design. We've done various commercial digital art projects and have additional experience with video editing, animation, sound design, and more. We love creating unique pieces of art and that's what we aim for with each avatar. Every avatar we create is a passion project for us and we always look for improvements in our processes and new ways to innovate.

We also believe in customer appreciation because we wouldn't be here without all you beautiful people! That's why we have a customer-first philosophy. We want you all to be happy with the product you have! From quality, to features, to value, and to support. Again, thank you all for the love and support you have provided us! Each and every one of you mean a ton to us.

Here are some specific numbers and facts in case anyone is curious:


• 15+ years of Photoshop experience

• 5+ years of video editing experience

• 3+ years experience in animation and animation concepts

• 2/3+ years of Unity experience

• 1 year of Blender experience


• Certified MUA (Makeup Artist)

• 13+ years of avatar design across various social platforms

• 15+ years of traditional art experience

• 6+ years of Photoshop experience

• 3+ years of ProCreate experience

• 4+ years of Unity experience

• 3 years of Blender experience