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How to Upload for PC

• First and foremost. You need to import the latest VRChat SDK (or use the Creator Companion) from the VRChat website. I do not recommend using an older version of the SDK

•You will then need to Import the latest version of Poiyomi. We use Poiyomi Pro for all of our projects, but poiyomi toon can gather similar results.


I cannot guarantee how an avatars shaders may appear while using poi toon.

• Next if you are wanting DPS, you need to import RALIVs into your project.. This is not necessary, but its available if you want it. You need to import

Raliv Dynamic Penetration System go to Plugins and DOUBLE CLICK the RalivPenetrationForPoiyomiPro press import. Thats it! It should be functional fully on your avatar now as it is all already set up for you.

• Last but not least for the importing you need to bring the models unity package into unity!

If the scene does not automatically load, double click the "OPEN ME" scene and it should load like normal.

If there are any materials that are pink or noticably wrong, make sure the shader is set to Poiyomi.

Press build and upload!