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Dahlia the Temptress (PC and Quest)

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You've been so good for Mommy

•Body scaler from default curvy to skinny!

•Contact Receiver for head pats when giving or receiving!~

•When giving head pats your avi will look happy, and like she is soothing who she is patting

•When receiving head pats your avi will look pissed off like "who do you think you are?"

•Contact receiver for butt slaps, leaves a mark and plays a noise. This can be toggled on and off.

•A crop that can be used to slap anyone, plays a noise when contact is made with another player.

•She has two head options when uploading!

•One more realistic Goth head

•One cutesy head

❤High Ponytail Hairstyle

❤Long and Wavy Hairstyle

❤Voluminous Hairstyle

❤Oldies Hairstyle

❤Straight Hairstyle

❤Straight Hairstyle with Pigtails

❤Ponytail Hairstyle

❤Mask without pigtails

❤Mask with pigtails




❤Crop Whip


❤Chest Harness

❤Leg Harness

❤Spider Corset


❤Pet Choker


Fishnet Sleeves


❤7 full outfit swaps

❤DPS Included!


❤Gogo Loco

7 Default outfits (presets, you click a button, you change outfits!)

3 Default outfits (presets for pre-order outfit)

❤Top Material Swaps (4) Works on all tops

❤Top Hue Shift

❤Sweater Material Swaps (4)

❤Sweater Hue shift

❤Fishnet Sleeves Material Swaps (4)

❤Fishnet Hue Shift

❤Spider Corset Material Swaps (4)

❤Spider Corset Hue shift

❤Goth Choker Material Swaps (4)

❤Goth Choker Hue Shift

❤Boots Material Swaps (4)

❤Boots Hue Shift

❤Chest Harness Material Swaps (4)

❤Chest Harness Hue Shift

❤Skin tone from very fair to very dark

❤Eye Material Swaps (9) on each head, different on both.

❤Eye Hue Shift

❤Sclera Black or White Toggle

❤3 Makeups on Each Head

❤Head pat gesture when getting head pats, you look pissed off!

❤Head pat gesture for when you give others head pats, you look loving!

❤Spank others with your crop! This will play a slap noise.

❤Spank either butt cheek and a slap will go off & a red mark will be shown!

You will get the following files:


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7 months ago

Dahlia review

Great product easily one of my favorite avatars now