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Trick 'r Treat Cindy (PC & Quest)

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⛓𓌹*♰*𓌺⛓🔪I am your favorite scary movie 🔪 ⛓𓌹*♰*𓌺⛓

๋࣭ ⭑ $10 off for the duration of Halloween (If you have purchased Red the Executioner prior to 10/31/23, please open a ticket in our server and you can receive an additional $5 off your purchase)⭑

Happy Halloween BITCHESSSS

🪓Body scaler!

🩸 Body Scaler from Curvy to Slim Thick

🪓 She is a mixture of all of our favorite Halloween babes

🩸 GhxstFxce

🩸Pyrxmid head


🩸Jigsxw Bear Trxp

🩸Spooky Neko Girl with Ghosty tail

🪓Full Outfit Swaps / Randomizer!

Fromthegraves Full Outfit Swaps Trick'r Treat Cindy

🪓 This will be updated later to have weapons and have some fun contacts to go with it ( this will be done when Quest is updated which is soon) I WANTED HER TO COME OUT TODAY AND I COULDNT WAIT, SO WHEN QUEST COMES OUT THERES MORE TO COMEEEE

🪓Cindy's bones were tweaked with a lot of care and precision. The ghost tail will always float upwards and display it's ghastly face. Hair bones are carefully limited so they won't fall in your face. There are leg colliders so the dress will fall naturally. The bow on the pyramid helmet will never clip. etc.

🪓Contact Receivers

𓇼 Head pat and Nose boop contact receiver


🩸Chopped Long Hair

🩸High Ponytail

🩸Short Hair



🩸Bow Pasties


🩸No Top




🩸Panties Bow



🩸Fishnet Split Bodysuit





🩸Arm Chains

🩸Head Ghosts

🩸Pyramid Mask

🩸Hockey Mask

🩸Ghost Mask

🩸Bear Trap




🪓Accessories Matswaps

🩸3 Fishnet Materials

🩸3 Muzzle Materials

🩸3 Harness Materials

🩸3 Sweater Materials

🪓Accessories Hue Shift

🩸Affects all masks and accessories and materials

🪓Boots Matswaps

🩸3 Boots Materials

🪓Boots Hue Shift

🩸Affects all boot materials

🪓Tops Matswaps

🩸3 Tops Materials (affects all tops)

🪓Tops Hue Shift

🩸Affects all tops and top materials

🪓Bottoms Matswaps

🩸3 Bottoms Materials (affects all bottoms)

🪓Bottoms Hue Shift

🩸Affects all bottoms and bottoms materials

🪓Hair Main Material Swaps

🩸23 Material Swaps

🪓Hair Accent Material Swaps

🩸23 Material Swaps

🪓Hairs Hue Shift

🩸Affects Main and Accent Hair as well as all Material Swaps

🪓Skin Tone

🩸From very fair to very dark

🪓Tattoo Toggle

🪓Tattoo Hue Shift

🪓Eyes Hue Shift

🪓Contact Receivers

🩸 Head pat and Nose boop contact receiver

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5 months ago


Cindy is absolutely amazing!! I love her so much!! Like being able to switch between different mask of famous horror icons is amazing. She's super cute!!! Go grab her!! You won't be disappointed!!! Highly highly recommend her!!!


6 months ago

Yes yes yes!!

I love this avi!!! Like absolutely in love!!! So amazing to have the iconic horror killers into one avi is amazing!!! Like yall need to have this avi!!! So much love went into this avi!! Highly recommend!!!