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Welcome to our shop! We sell unique avatars for VrChat with tons of customization, body scalers, and skin options + quest compatibility !

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I personally love most if not all of there avatars, but Asher is my favorite due to the fact I can turn them into a cow, I love cows; regardless each avatar is made with time and care, each one is unique and different and I appreciate the creators of these avatars very much so for this, from the newest avatars they've made to the oldest, I appreciate each one dearly.

Arts Love

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I absolutely love everything single one of the avis I have gotten from Spooky. Each one has such a unique feature I have never seen in a avi. I'm so happy to have my collection growing and see more amazing work from Spooky and Ship!!! I ab


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Heyy! I absolutely love your guys avi and i always have since i first discovered you. I love the fact that not only are all of your avis unique but they're also plus size friendly. Coming from a long term customer where I almost have every avi that they released I can say with confidence that I am a very satisfied customer. Plus they got good nitro packages in their discord and the roles are cute. Thank you again for everything! From BunBun

Bun Bun

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I love every model i bought from here!! Their all so pretty and the people who upload stuff for me is very kind, im glad i joined this server because of jellybish keep up the goodwork!!!


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I really love your models soo much they're always so cute and thick and just overall very unique everytime y'all release a new model I'm just like have my moneyyy!!! You guys became one of my favorite avatar creators and my go to when I go model shopping!! Can't wait for more future releases super hyped! Y'all amazing! And makes some really nice matcaps that I use when I make my personal model!!! Y'all are just so freaking amazing!

Roselia Rose

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I’ve known spooky and ship for a while now and they are literally my best friends they have taught me sooo much and I’m so thankful for them <33 but you should definitely join their server! Come meet spooky and ship! (And me ofc) you won’t regret it !! They also do lots of sales, sneakpeeks, and giveaways!! It’s a win win <33

-Shaceiele O’Neil-

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I absolutely love and adore every avi I have gotten so far from spooky. They have their own features that look different From one or another, I haven't seen any other avi that I enjoy but when it comes to these avis I enjoy wearing them and showing them off. I'm so happy to have my collection of these avis will continue to grow even more over time and Wonderful Owners Who do such a great job S h o w


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I bought the lovely "Mystic The Jellybish OP" and it was just worth its money fully. I loved everything about her and how customize able she was. There was always something to love about every single avi, I felt happy and complete while wearing the avi and feeling proud to own her. I would 100% suggest getting that avi or just buying any avi from spooky herself.


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Each avatar I’ve bought so far has never disappointed. The efforts and dedication into each detail of their avatars always amazes me. Highly recommend “From The Graves” to be on your purchase list. Wonderful owners, a lovely community and absolutely beautiful avatars. Not to mention the helpful uploads they do for us Questies!!~


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I love FTG, spooky and shipwreck do awesome work, and i wouldnt be here in this awesome community without them